The Company

•Owned by Just Energy, publicly traded company $3 Billion dollar company. On the NY Stock Exchange and Toronto exchange.

•Just Energy has given Momentis $300 Million dollars to build the company (really unlimited funds but $300,000,000 to start). It’s working. Since I joined the company in November their customer base has Doubled to well over four million customers.

Forbes magazine in March 2012 named Momentis “Top Best Idea for 2012“: Get paid to live was their heading.

•Momentis is an International company. Launched in UK and Mexico and growing. 14 states and moving into Phoenix and all the states as they deregulate.

•Their goal is to be the #1 network marketing co. in the world and the largest energy company

•5 Linx is over 12 years old.  Momentis is 2 years old and about ready to hit Momentum

There are four categories of companies within the Network Marketing Industry.

1)  The old guys.  Companies that have been around for 10+ Years and they are doing well financially and are polished around every corner.  BUT, when you look at them as far as an opportunity their top leaders have secured those positions.  (No chance for the new guy to come in and make it.)


2)  The Money Games.  You know the Diet Challenges, the laundry ball that cleans your clothes…  Been around for thousands of years and will still be out there a thousand more…  People get hurt in these games and eventually the regulators get them and they destroy the reputations of everyone… including the industry itself.


3)  The slow growing companies.  These are usually party plans or direct sales like Avon, Mary Kay, Arbonne, Pamper Chef.  Solid companies but not the biggest checks and take an incredibly long time to build.  I don’t want to be on the treadmill constantly have to replace weary sales people because they only make money by sell…sell…sell..push…push…push. I want to grow this thing to truly retire and have my OWN time to live my life.


4)  The holy grail of the industry.  They only come around about every 7-10 years or so, but if you can find one, position yourself in it, become part of the reason of the growth you would be amazed at the amount of money that can be earned.  These are the emerging companies that have a CHANCE to be one of the old guys.  Timing is more than 70% of the success in these type of businesses.  AND MOMENTIS TIMING IS PERFECT! This is truly a walk away residual income-for life!


•The System/Training/Lead Generation  

•How easy is it for the lady next door to be successful; we know you can be successful but what about the every day person. Is there a system in place. Our system helps the every day average joe make money.

•How many reps are in 5Linx. Momentis has 15,000 reps coming in every single month and growing.

•We have that system in Momentis and here locally in Tulsa with Robert Sacco’s lead generation system and training.

***Robert gives all of his tools away for free! No charge for any marketing tools.***

•Once a month we have intensive “Super Saturday” training. People travel from all over to be here in Tulsa!

•Weekly trainings, home meetings, meetings at the Renaissance hotel and in OKC  and other cities.

•M-Cafe- a free office/conference/training center where every day we are having meetings at noon; 3 and 6 for team members to invite guests for free presentations, trainings etc. Located at 61st and Memorial (We will open more locations as needed!)

The Products

•Similar to  5Linx

•***New Products coming out*** Leasing furnaces, hot water heaters and air conditioners. No credit check, free installation, free maintenance for on average $30 a month. (Name brands like Lennox, Train, and American Standard and all High Efficiency of 14 Seer or higher)

•Renting hot water heaters $7 a month

•M-Games. Like NetFlix but it’s video games. Gaming is a huge product.(We will be adding/changing to trending products as things evolve.)

•The EnergyMizer for commercial as well as Residential. Where we guarantee an 8% energy savings every single month! This is a phenomenal product and is in the Empire States Building to the smallest Subway restaurant!

•Cell phones coming also… Should rollout in June.  Partnered with the same group used by Best Buy.  Will have all the same plans and companies as they do but will have a 10-20% discount of the hardware.

An Identity Theft product

Roadside assistance product

•Continually adding more products and expanding into more territories.

The Comp Plan

•Can you be your own customer?  We have 4 levels: I’ll give you an example of just mentoring bonus: $100; $250 ; $300; $325 <The sweet spot is on the 2nd level! The Middle position, not just the top of the heap.

•Can’t find the comp plan on 5Link’s website. But in Momentis you sign up for $249 in Oklahoma, turn on your website and get ONE customer point you get paid $100. That’s a huge Belief Check for people because the very next Friday for signing up and being their own customer -They get paid! That’s unheard of in the industry.

  • The Only thing I could find on the 5Linx website about how to get paid was on the blog. 20 customer points and two qualified reps you get $750. With Momentis, you get 10 customers points and you get paid $1000 and your upline gets $250! 

Giving Back-M-Cares

-For Nonprofits: Momentis gives non profits $4 for every Energy customer and $2 for every non energy customer. FOR FREE. Residual income for the non profit and for you. You get $.50 per customer.


Residual Income

6 levels plus unlimited levels from .50cents to $2.50

Quick background on Robert Sacco-  He has consulted in the industry, has helped write several compensation plans and is known in the industry as a comp GUY!  He gets the numbers!  In his opinion this is the best compensation plan to ever hit the industry for two main reasons.

1)  It supports the middle guy first!  They are the ones that really matter, not the one guy at the top and the company is scared to death to make him mad because he might take all his people with him to the next company.  Momentis has the philosophy of why not take care of all the middle guy and get them to make money and then the top guy can go anywhere he wants but his people won’t go anywhere because they are making great money.


2)  It has no “GOTCHAS” in the plan.  You do something great for the company and you will be rewarded very well for it no matter where you are in the ranks.

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